Founder’s Story

How I went from being overwhelmed to building the all-in-one tool Dokably
During my path as a product manager, I had to use an excessive number of tools to get my work done.
I needed one app to create basic docs for keeping crucial data about the product in one place. Then, another app to ensure successful cooperation between engineering and design teams. One more tool for convenient task assignment, so things don’t get lost on the way. Spreadsheets, feature requests, surveys, diagrams, and presentations — all those are separate apps. And the list is not exhaustive.

Once, I spent 15 minutes trying to embed a Google doc into Miro (an online collaboration tool). It was too much for me - struggling to hack the unhackable and combine the uncombinable. As you can guess, that embedding challenge turned out to be a catastrophe and a waste of time." So I stopped. And went to grab a herbal tea. And I thought.
Why can’t I just easily do all my work in one place? Why do I need to constantly switch between apps, losing the so-valued time and more importantly, data on the go? Why does connecting tasks, docs and whiteboards have to feel like a coding bootcamp?
Scratching the itch
I wanted to create a diagram in my product spec in two clicks — not spend 20 minutes making it in another app and then trying to put it back into the app where my spec is.

I wanted to be able to express myself freely and clearly to my colleagues. But sending them 5 links to different tools about the same feature/research/idea — drove me crazy. See, I’m getting frustrated even while writing to you about these issues :)

So the outcome of the herbal tea effect was — I don’t want to depend on apps’ limitations and every time think of what software to use for every piece of knowledge I wanted to create.
Making it all in one place
I started to carefully think about how this type of mess could be improved. And that’s where it hit me — there should be a comprehensive, all-in-one app to solve the problem. All I need to do is to combine both text and visualization in one place to make a powerful editor with endless possibilities.

For numerous people, this seemingly obvious solution will eliminate the need to constantly switch between apps, significantly simplifying their working routines.

I got so inspired by the idea and decided to give it a go!
I built a team of great people: a product designer, product marketing manager, and developers. And here we are now — building a new product from scratch, aiming to help people make their work faster and more proficient.

Sasha Dikan,
A founder and CEO.
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